Cycling Events & Projects 

Cycling Events & Projects

School Activity Days


We have a whole array of cycles to suit everyone. No matter of your height, weight or disability we can support you gain mobility and freedom through cycling. After an initial consultation we can host events at your school, alternatively we can take small groups out and about in your local area, teaching road sense and safety.

SEN School activity days consist of 10 – 12 adaptive cycles and two qualified staff members. We always have one event lead who is a trained cycle coach. We work the day around your school time table and lease with your point of contact to create a schedule ensuring as many pupils gain access to the bikes as possible.

Primary School Activity Days consist of between 10 – 20 cycles depending on your school size. The cycles vary; we often include disability cycles in the mix, ensuring those who have never cycled before feel safe in doing so. The format for the day is similar to the above.

Dr Bike


There are many advantages to a Dr Bike. If you are not mechanically minded what may seem like a major fault can be a simple repair to one of our experts. This is a perfect way to encourage sustainable travel to events or to your place of work. They are pleasing addition to a festival environment, a great way to reward your staff and a brilliant way of engaging with the public. 

Our Dr Bike service is a mobile bike mechanic. We bring cables, pads and carry out basis maintenance following up with an recommendations. We run a traffic light system and offer sound advice on how to look after your bike.

With the imminent effect of climate change and an ever growing population, it is essential that cycling becomes a first choice for travel. If you want to engage corporate social responsibility into your workplace, changing the mind set of your employees towards active travel, get in touch to discuss how a Dr Bike can be incorporated into wider initiatives.

Led Rides


If you are new to cycling or just new to the area we have ride leader available to support your journey to the saddle and beyond. We can teach you road safety advice, show you around the local cycling infrastructure helping you gain the confidence to cycle independently. 

Our coaches are also mountain bike ride leaders and should you wish to simple have fun off road with the support of local knowledge.

Alternatively if you simple want a ride out further afield into our ride leaders can take you anywhere, though the Yorkshire Dales, Peaks or Lake District. You won’t need a map or compass when cycling with us

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